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Sunday 6th of September


Summer Party 2020

Location: Leeds

Dear guest. You don't need me to tell you that things have drastically changed in the world at for the foreseeable future.

Every day I am inundated with messages asking when the next party will be. We've put our thinking caps on and found one possible way of conducting the next party or two - our party date is now confirmed for the 6th of September. See below for details as to how it works. The booking form is below, too.

Eva is confirmed

Foot Hockey


Summer Games

^^ Eva is coming back for Summer - confirmed!

How does it work?

  • You arrive at your chosen time slot.
    The party will be in Leeds.
  • For 30 minutes you and three other guests will chill with a beer and 4 of our girls in the distanced communal area. The girls will chat and play games, a bit like a normal party.
  • You will then get 15 minutes with EACH GIRL in PRIVATE in rotation. Girls already adhere to a strict hygiene policy and will be sterilising between each session.
  • After experiencing your last girl we will say our goodbyes and part ways.
  • The party price is £250 and will be all-inclusive of the sessions.
  • Doing the party this way will guarantee that we can distance everybody safely and that our girls make enough money to help make the party happen.
  • Payment will have to be made in full before the party happens. If a "second wave" hits we will refund your full amount.


Can I book for more than one slot?

Yes, you can. You will have the opportunity to book onto multiple slots if you really want to. Be aware that you will essentially be "going round again" having the 30 minutes communal time and then the hour with the 4 girls. We think one slot will be enough but we are not in a position to discourage this if you want that extra time.

Who are the girls?

We don't 100% know at this stage, but we've reached out to some of your favourites found on the Our Girls page! Eva is definitely coming! We've never let you guys down in the past ;)

How is this different from a normal party?

Long story short, a normal party you would pay to get in and then pay as you go with the girls. This party the ticket includes the girls and everything is run to timeslots. This is to ensure that everybody gets equal turns with the girls and that fewer guys are coming into contact with one-another. The added benefit to this is that if you're nervous or shy, this scenario might suit you better!

Where is the party?

The party is located in Leeds, just a 5 minute drive or taxi ride from the centre.

What will it cost?

We're putting this exclusive party on for £250. There's nothing else to pay on the day and it will include drinks from our fridge, nibbles, communal times (with foot fetish themed games) and the four girls over the course of an hour!

Your Booking - £250, All Inclusive, 6th September

Price includes 4 x 15-minute sessions with 4 beautiful girls and also 30 minutes at the start to relax with a beer and our ladies. We can't wait to reunite with you and thank you so much for supporting us with this new style party.

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