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My name is Penny – I’ve been part of Foot Fetish Party since the start and I’ve been shaping the way we do things for the last couple of years. With my partner Leo, we ensure that this great fetish is celebrated and done justice. At the parties, we hear all sorts of stories. One recurring story that I heard a lot was “I bought used socks from eBay” and the punchline was either;

  • I don’t know who they were from or;
  • They didn’t smell

The thing is, I understand that a lot of people who have a foot fetish are attracted to the sweet smell of feet. It’s a massive part of the draw. I know this because I’ve spoken with you guys – over email and at the parties. With Leo’s website help, I decided to do something about it – because I have really smelly feet. If you guys like to smell, then I am the right lady for you. I work all day on my feet – we have to wear black, leather shoes – and it gets very warm where I work as well. Naturally, my smelly feet soak into the socks which I believe make the perfect purchase for a guy who loves to smell them. I’ve opened up an online shop where you can customise and buy smelly socks. The bonus is – you know they’re from me (and you’ll get a picture to prove that) and they WILL smell, especially if you make me wear them for a few days.

When you buy smelly socks online from Foot Fetish Party you’re getting them from a brand that you can trust. We’ve hosted many parties across the UK with pictures on this site to prove it! I’m an extension of this brand, which means you’re getting the best possible experience when you checkout. You get;


  • Discreet packaging
  • Socks sealed for freshness
  • Photos
  • The ability to customise the wear time
  • Secure checkout via Paypal
  • Discreet billing

Oh – and of course, you also get my really smelly socks. đŸ˜‰

So what are you waiting for? If you have a foot fetish, you love the scent of sweaty girl feet and you’ve come here searching to buy smelly socks online, then you’re absolutely in the right place. You’re in safe hands with me!

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