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Those who attended the first wave of Foot Fetish Parties may remember me; I'm Penny. While I attend less actual parties now, I'm still heavily involved with Foot Fetish Party - I've taken on a more digital role. Later this year I will be releasing a set of juicy foot clips and I'm also developing a members area for the website as well.

My first venture is something I've wanted to launch for a long time. You can now buy my worn socks or nylons online, and the experience is totally customised to you. I will wear socks or nylons for a custom amount of time. Those who ever attended my sessions will know that I always brought a variety of worn socks and nylons to smell. The guys loved it - a smell that lasts for weeks, sometimes months, depending on how much I wore them beforehand. Now you can get this same service, delivered to your door discreetly. You're so lucky!

I actually love the thought of you guys getting your rocks off to my socks. You're purchasing from somebody who really gets your kink - just look around this site. It's like a safe haven for our amazing fetish.

I will wear either nylon socks or cotton socks for up to 4 days. You can also specify workouts for extra sweat. I have quite a demanding day job that sees me on my feet for 10 hours a day. I then hit the gym - so I can wear the socks you order while at the gym as well. By ordering through this site, you get the trust and reputation of the Foot Fetish Party brand, from a girl that many of you have seen and interacted with. Even if you never worshipped me before, you can still enjoy a pair of my socks. Orders are super discreet and professionally sealed to lock in the freshness for when they arrive. What are you waiting for? Historically you haven't been able to buy worn nylons from anywhere reputable until now! Let's get started.

Buy Worn Nylons
My Nylons smell particularly fresh
Buy Worn Nylons
My Nylons smell particularly fresh
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Leadtime & Information

Current leadtime is around 5-7 days depending on wear length to buy worn nylons or socks. You can choose between nylon socks or cotton socks, but the design will always be random - basically whatever I have in the sock draw. Rest assured, they'll be nice classy socks, worn in for your desired amount of time.

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Nylon Socks are stretchy and thin, they hold my scent really well. Cotton socks are a little thicker and really good for holding sweat.

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I will workout once per 24 hours in these socks if selected. If you chose more wear time, feel free to add more workouts. The socks will smell regardless of this option, but if you like them sweatier, go for this add on!

Professional Pictures *

I’ll get Leo to photograph me in your socks. I’ll then pick out my favourites and email you the photos before you get the socks! Order 4 or 6 photos to get at least one barefoot picture.


I always love a tipping gentleman. You can add extra here into my shoe fund. This is completely optional, don’t feel obliged. ;-)

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Nylon Socks, Cotton Socks, Tights

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Your payments are handled by PayPal and you will not be billed as Foot Fetish Party or anything incriminating! I will personally pack up and ship your socks discreetly. Once you have ordered I will drop you a quick email to give you a better idea as to when to expect your socks! I can't wait to get wearing for you!