Q: How does a Foot Fetish Party work?

A: Our totally private parties are held in secret locations in the UK every month or so. You pay an entry fee and then you’re free to chat to the models – and look at their feet without feeling out of place. What you do next is up to you… You can find out what an average FFP night looks like by clicking here to find out how it works.

Q: What is Foot Fetish Party?

A: A Foot Fetish Party is run by foot lovers, and it’s a safe place to worship the sexy feet of very beautiful models. You can learn more about who are are by clicking here.

Q: Can a shy guy have fun at a FFP?

A: YES! Don’t be under any illusions! This party is full of women who know what a foot fetish is – and there’s no judgement under our roof. If you’re shy and you don’t want a foot session with one of our girls, that’s fine – you can have a few drinks and just have a look around. But we promise you that our models LOVE to have their feet touched, kissed, licked, and pampered – just as much as you and I love to do that kind of thing! They WANT you to have fun with their feet! If you are too shy to ask, our Foot Hosts are on hand to make your life easier!

Q: Can girls attend as guests?

A: YES! 1000%. We’ve hosted girl guests before – although it is a lot rarer. You’ll be treated with the same respect and integrity as we give all of our guests and you may enjoy the party as normal. Some of our female guests attend with their boyfriends/husbands. Others are just happy to come on their own. Whatever your preference, we are the least judgy people you could come across! You’re welcome here.

Q: Who are the hosts of these parties?

A: We’re a mix of men and women who share you fetish – and we’re on hand to make sure that there’s no tension at the event. If you want us to talk to a model about how your sessions should play out, we can do that for you. If you’d like to take away a few pictures of our models, we can arrange this. If you’d like us to organise a group session – or you want us to reserve you a place with your favourite looking girl, we’ve got it covered. You get the gist – we’re like a cool concierge; and we’re here to make your night more enjoyable.

Q: Can I just show up on the day?

A: No, sorry. We don’t reveal the venue to anybody who hasn’t booked online – so you won’t be able to just show up. You can book online up to the night before. 

Q: Do you take card on the day?

A: Unfortunately not at this time, so come prepared. The nearest cash machine is approx 1/4 a mile away from the venue.

Q: How much do I give the foot models?

A: £20 will buy you at 10 minutes of foot play – and our models will require their tribute before the games begin. You can continue with the same model for up to 20 minutes – then you’ll need to let somebody else have a turn. Of course, you can return to that girl later in the party if you wish. Some worshippers like to tip the ladies, but that’s up to you.

Q: Can I take a model back to a hotel for a private session?

A: Ah that’s not cool. During the party, people who leave for a private session elsewhere will not be allowed to return – and this goes for our models too. As there’s a strict model to worshipper ratio – taking models away will upset the balance, so we kindly ask that you refrain from leaving the party with any model at any time during the party. We respect the girls and they respect us. Any attempt at this will be reported straight away.

Q: Is there dancing involved? Is it even a party?!

A: It’s not a party in the traditional sense – no. There will be cool music and a nice chilled out atmosphere, but we don’t expect people will be dancing! Our Foot Fetish Parties are for people – both men and women – with a preference towards feet – where our foot models will indulge your foot fantasies; from foot worship to trampling, tickling to foot smothering, massaging, toe sucking, foot domination – and anything else you can think of! So yes, it’s much better than a ‘party’!

Q: Is a 3PM Slot Right For Me?

A: Our 3PM parties have been the standard for the last few years, and they’re still ever-popular. You get access to the bar and the girls from 3PM til 5:30PM – you won’t be worshipping feet for the entire duration, but you’ll have more time to sit in the lounge with the girls who are not in session and get to know them a bit better. That may sound scary to some, but our girls have regular jobs and are more down-to-earth than you could ever imagine. We guarantee you’ll leave happy – no matter which duration or slot you choose.

Q: Is a 6PM Slot Right for me?

A: The 6PM parties are perfect for getting to know how the parties work – allowing you to get the full experience from 6Pm til 8:30PM.  You will still have access to our bar, you’ll get to see all the girls, and you’ll have a great time. However, in my experience, these slots are a little quite than the 3PM start time. So that’s really cool if you want more girls to yourself or you want a bit more special attention. Don’t get me wrong, there is still a nice atmosphere – it’s just super chilled.

Q: How do you protect my privacy?

A: We do not keep your details on file; and we do not handle the payments. PayPal or Stripe will bill you and store your details – not us. You will also be billed as something nondescript. To add further protect your privacy, we do not allow cameras in the event. One of the hosts will carry a camera to take pictures of the girls only. Additionally we are proud to say we have invested in SSL encryption – the whole of our website is secure.

Q: Can I see the girls before I get there?

A: Once you have booked with us online, you can expect a few emails between now and the actual event. We will keep you up to date with the girls that are attending, along with pictures and biographies – so you can get to know the models before you actually meet them on the night. Pretty cool huh?

Q: How many girls will be at the party?

A: Leo’s day job gives him access to loads of down to earth girls. We don’t have a shortage of girls, but we won’t invite them all – or it won’t be financially viable for them to make the journey to the FFP. Rest assured, there will be enough girls to ensure that you’ll never have to wait long for a foot session as and when you want one. 

Q: What if WE cancel?

A: We won’t cancel without a very good reason; it would take something like a natural disaster to stop our parties! BUT – in the event that we have to cancel, you will be fully refunded (-5% card fees) OR given the option to rebook on the rescheduled day. We have only ever had to cancel one event due to Covid back in 2020 – and we don’t have any plans to cancel anymore without a very good reason!

Q: What if YOU cancel?

A: I’m afraid we cannot refund your ticket if you cancel or don’t show up. We use your ticket sale to cover the space we need to rent to host the parties, decorations, games, girls, etc. Your ticket sale goes towards these things well before the party date, so refunding you isn’t viable and would leave us out of pocket. Please try and attend – don’t cancel due to nerves. There’s nothing to worry about!

Q: I have another question that isn’t here?

A: No problem – if you have checked our ‘HOW IT WORKS’ page and your question is still not answered then you should drop us a line! Just head over to the contact us page to send a message. Leo – the founder of FFP – will personally get back to you within in a week or so. He gets dozens of emails a day, so don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back straight away.

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