Hi! My name is Leo! Every couple of months or so we arrange a Foot Fetish Party. The location depends where the demand is – but the venue is always small, intimate and cosy. We pick our venues so that you guys can worship beautiful feet in private, with a small communal area there you may help yourself to free drinks and talk freely with the girls. Once you feel at ease, you’re free to arrange a session with the girls – and that’s the point where they take you into a private space so that you can get down with dream toes. Trust me, this never gets old.

Before all this though, you need to be on our list. When you register to be on our Foot Fetish Party list, we will email you once we begin to sell tickets for our parties. Tickets cost around £80 – usually half up front and half on the door. This cost covers venue hire, drinks, nibbles, website costs, girl transport costs, and everything else that goes into making these parties the success that they’ve become. After you’ve bought a ticket, we will email you the exact location of the party, along with an emergency phone number should you have trouble finding us on the day.

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