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We’ve launched our brand new website for summer 2017 and we couldn’t be happier with it. The rebuild and rebrand is largely down to your feedback. Your confidence in our parties has really spurred us on – your feedback has warmed our heart – and now we’re on the lookout for new guests to attend our foot worship parties and join our family.

Chances are you’ve punched Foot Worship Events Yorkshire into Google. That’s fine, we did the same. All the action usually happens in London, or across the pond in the USA. But Yorkshire has a lot to offer a foot worshipper. Channel 4 hailed Yorkshire the Foot Fetish Capital and Leo spoke briefly about the fetish on TV. Luckily the foot fetish is becoming more and more mainstream – and why shouldn’t it; there’s nothing sexier than a well looked after and well manicured foot.

The majority of our Foot Fetish Party’s take place in Leeds; we have beautiful apartments close to the city centre where you can come in, chat to the girls and go onto having your own private sessions. If you’ve been to Foot Worship Parties elsewhere, please be aware that we do them completely different. Instead of overwhelming you with girls who will be competing for your attention, we bring a select handful of trustworthy girls who actually enjoy your fetish. This means that you’ll be having a rare, quality session with somebody who understands every aspect of your fetish – from the shape to the smell, the socks to the shoes.

Nobody does it the way we do it because it’s not profitable. We could fill a room with strippers and adult work professionals – it would be so easy for us to hire out a soul-less club and take money from the girls and the guests. It’s the perfect setup! We would make money. We have a great website and a great brand; but that’s not enough for me. I have a foot fetish – and I love my fetish. I want others to enjoy and embrace it too. So I have hand picked every girl at our parties. They’ve been tried and tested. They’ve begged to come along – not for the money – but for the attention of attentive guys who really know how to love a foot. The girls don’t pay to be at the party to earn loads of cash because there’s not loads of cash to be earned. I only allow a small number of guests per party – and there’s not a lot of parties a year. The girls want to be there – and I want the girls to be there. It’s that two way trust that has made the foot worship events Yorkshire the success they have become.

I cannot stress to you what a good time you’ll have if you stump up the courage to take the plunge. We have record amounts of repeat guests – to me this speaks volumes. Our girls want to see you, I want to see you; together we’re a little caring foot family – and that’s the best way I can put it.

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