What goes on at a Foot Fetish Party?

Hi! My name is Leo! Every couple of months or so we arrange a Foot Fetish Party. The location depends where the demand is – but the venue is always small, intimate and cosy. We pick our venues so that you guys can worship beautiful feet in private, with a small communal area there you may help yourself to free drinks and talk freely with the girls. Once you feel at ease, you’re free to arrange a session with the girls – and that’s the point where they take you into a private space so that you can get down with dream toes. Trust me, this never gets old.

Before all this though, you need to be on our list. When you register to be on our Foot Fetish Party list, we will email you once we begin to sell tickets for our parties. Tickets cost around £80 – usually half up front and half on the door. This cost covers venue hire, drinks, nibbles, website costs, girl transport costs, and everything else that goes into making these parties the success that they’ve become. After you’ve bought a ticket, we will email you the exact location of the party, along with an emergency phone number should you have trouble finding us on the day.

The Foot Fetish Party goes on all day – your ticket will grant you 2-3 hours of access (stated on the ticket page) and you can choose a start time that suits your circumstances. Some like to come early and get back early – others like the vibe that the evening brings. We never oversell time slots; we like to ensure a 1:1 model to guy ratio wherever possible.

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When you’re acquainted with the models you’re free to arrange a session. As mentioned above, you can arrange this directly with the girl – or if you’d prefer, chat to me or one of the event ambassadors (Wes or Butch). We are always on hand to make sure both you and the girls feel looked after. We can arrange everything; but nine times out of ten guys feel comfortable enough to chat with the girls directly. This is because the girls that come to our party are girl next door type. We don’t just go for pretty girls with beautiful feet – we also put personality up there as well. We want approachable girls who are easy to talk to. Our girls genuinely enjoy foot worship. It’s not their career – they come to our parties because they enjoy the attention.

Private sessions with the girls cost £20 per 10 minutes – and you’d be surprised how long 10 minutes lasts. You can choose to go on and on with the girls, and if you’re both having fun, why not? The girls keep 100% of the money you tribute them. This is another reason why or girls are so laid back. They don’t push you for sessions because they don’t have to pay us to attend. We have mutual respect. We love our girls, and our girls love us. In turn, you will love us both – because these parties are completely unique. Foot Fetish Parties are run by foot enthusiasts for foot lovers. It’s a match made in heaven, as I hope you will see.

Sessions can go anywhere so long as it doesn’t lead to anything sexual. I’m afraid we don’t advocate sexual gratification at the Foot Fetish Party. Our girls are not sex workers – they are foot models with pretty feet who love to have their feet worshipped. Our girls will be dominant if you ask them nicely; maybe you’d like to try tramping, maybe you’d like them to dangle their shoes, perhaps you’re into tickling, nylon worship, massages, kissing, sucking, rubbing or smelling. Our girls will bring a variety of props with them to make sure you get what you want – from heels to work shoes, clean socks to dirty ones – and well-worn tights for those who like the sweet scent.

I really hope this takes you off the fence and brings you to the Foot Fetish Party. You’ll be warmly welcomed and treated like royalty. Under our roof your fetish isn’t a fetish – it’s a normality. We all love feet; and most importantly, we all have fun. See you at our next party?

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