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I’ve always been into feet – ever since I can remember. I think it’s a fetish that develops from childhood – and I’ll never forget the time one of my older female friends who I had a bit of a crush on, pinned me down and made me smell her feet after she’d been for dancing lessons. At the time I was horrified – but I think that event paved the way for my ever evolving foot kink.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to attend a decent Foot Fetish Party. I attended one in London, but the whole vibe was off, the girls weren’t into it – and I got the impression that they were there purely for the money. The fact that it was also around £9 per drink sort of confirmed that. We make sure you get drinks for free!

In 2014, I decided to call upon some of my female friends and tell them about my fetish. Until that day, I had been a closet foot lover, but it felt somehow great to get it off my chest. After opening up, I learnt quite a few surprising truths. Some of them admitted that they’d love a guy who would touch their feet after a hard day at work and others loved the idea of their perfect arches arousing men. One even admitted to me that she was a bit of a foot lover herself!

I have the recipe for the best kind of Foot Fetish Party and I’m bringing them up north. I know for a fact that there’s loads of people just like me – men and women, who would love nothing more but to spend the evening on their knees, with a pair of beautiful feet on their face. In late 2014 we had our first successful Foot Fetish Party in Liverpool – and we’ve been evolving and tweaking them ever since. We now primarily host our parties in Leeds as the location lends itself perfectly to stress free foot sessions. Totaly privacy – you’ll see what I mean when you get here!

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About The Foot Fetish Party – Continued…

I am a photographer by trade and I photograph models on a daily basis. I know a lot of good looking women who would love to make your foot dreams a reality – and I know this because I was ballsy enough to ask some of them one day! We now take a different approach to recruiting girls; we get a new girl applying to be a foot model on a daily basis. The take up rate is about 1% which must highlight how picky I am. However, when we’ve found a good girl, she usually stays with us – because we become sort of like a little family. The girls get on with the girls, they’re not competing for cash. All out girls have regular lives, this is just a bit of a hobby for them. They can come to these parties, have an amazing afternoon and this attitude reflects back to our guests. The whole thing needs to be experienced to be believed. Our USP is basically everyday girls, enjoying foot worship. Our girls cannot be sought out via any other medium.

Another key difference – and why we probably get loads of applications – is that we don’t charge the girls to be there. This means they remain loyal to our parties; but it also means that they aren’t doing a session because they have to pay us – they are doing a session because they want to do it. We’ve created a lovely culture of guys who love feet as much as the girls love to have their feet adored.

The girls will embrace your sub-foot fetishes you’re looking to fulfil. I like to kiss feet and serve woman – I’m quite submissive – but we both know there are hundred of different ways to love a pair of feet. Our girls have heard them all – there’s nothing you can’t say to them; and by learning your expectations, they will be able to tailor the session to your absolute fantasy. If you’d rather not approach a girl for a session, one of the hosts will be able to help things along the way. We make the process as straightforward and as enjoyable as we can. This is a Foot Fetish Party – not some kind of mind field.

I’m not in the market to provide you with a seedy experience either. Your needs and wants come first – which is why I employ a female sidekick, Penny, to give me a fresh perspective on things and to help the models feel more at ease. Together we’re going to rock the Foot Fetish Party scene, and we’re going to provide you with an awesome Foot Worship Party here in Leeds. 

If you have any questions, get in touch. You can register your interest for upcoming events, you can ask us any kind of question imaginable, and of course, you can book into one of the pre-arranged parties now. In the interest of keeping our Foot Worship Parties exciting, no more than 20 male worshippers are allowed to attend any one party – so don’t leave it too late to book in. Feel free to explore the website and find out how our parties work.

If you’re a woman who is interested in being a model, I’m always up for giving new talent a try. You’d have to be open minded, beautiful, and have amazing feet. You’d also have to be none-judgemental and have a basic understanding of fetishes. Above all, you need to enjoy this fetish. If this describes you and you’re up for a bit of fun, feel free to visit our become a model page.

Your fellow foot lover,


Founder of Foot Fetish Party UK.

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