How does it work?

What to expect from your first Foot Fetish Party;
written by Maggie - one of our foot girls.

2017 has been the biggest year so far for Foot Fetish Party as the humble foot fetish loses its stigma and becomes widely celebrated. This was our mission back in 2014 – and we’re so happy to be at the forefront of it! Below is a brief guide prepared by Maggie, one of the girls at our parties. If you feel your question isn’t answered here, we have also broken down our most frequently asked questions on this page.

Our girls playing our foot fetish version of Twister

How often are the parties?

We arrange a foot party about once every few months - we tend to have three a year. 

Where are the parties?

So far all of our parties have been in either Leeds or Manchester, near where we’re based – we don’t have any plans to go further down South as it becomes very expensive for us to transport our girls down there. We’d rather keep them in the North to ensure that the quality of the parties remains high. We are worth traveling for – some of our attendees have flown in from the USA, Germany, Dubai and Turkey –  so if you’re in London and you’re wondering whether it’s worth a 2 and a half hour train journey, I hope that answers your question!

Whichever city the party is in, the venue itself is always a cosy, comfortable & intimate setting. We personally select beautiful city-centre apartments that feature a lovely communal area (for drinks, games and mingling) as well as several private areas for one to one foot worship sessions. The apartments are always conveniently located within city centres, with great public transport links and accessible parking.

The venue details are not made public; after you’ve bought a ticket, we will email you the exact location of the party, along with an emergency phone number should you have trouble finding us on the day.

What happens when I get to the party?

When you arrive at the venue one of us will greet you at the door and take you through to the communal area of the apartment; we’ll fix you a drink and introduce you to everyone. You can spend as much time as you like in the communal area; helping yourself to free drinks, talking freely with the girls (we LOVE to talk to other people who share our love for feet!) and playing games (twister is my personal favourite!) Once you feel at ease, if you decide you would like to go for a private foot worship session you’re free to arrange one directly with whichever girl you’d like (or if you’d prefer, you can chat to one of the hosts, Leo, Wes or Butch & they will ask the girls on your behalf). Indeed, throughout the parties our hosts are on hand to make sure you and the girls feel looked after; they are happy to arrange private sessions for you, but nine times out of ten we’ve found that guys feel comfortable enough to chat with the girls directly – we are all very friendly and approachable!

All of the girls are girl next door types; beautiful girls with pretty feet and bubbly personalities. We are easy to talk to and all genuinely enjoy foot worship. The foot parties are not our career; we have ‘normal’ jobs and lives and come to the parties because we love the attention and pampering our feet receive. This is a completely unique concept – as other imitations of our amazing parties found in the UK employ the babestation-type girls who don’t really care for your foot fetish. Granted, they’re good looking – but would you not rather practise your foot worship on girls that enjoy it? At our Foot Fetish Parties you can.

Want to see some of us? Click here.

Maggie is responsible for writing this guide! Be sure to thank her the next time you see her.
Elle has luscious, kissable soles

How long do the parties last?

The parties usually run from 3pm to 8pm and your ticket is for a 3 or a 2hour slot within that time frame (for example, 3pm to 6pm or 6pm to 8pm) and you pre-select an arrival time that suits your circumstances. So if you have plans in the evening you can arrive early in the day and still make it to your plans at night, and if you’re busy during the daytime you can come later on and enjoy the vibe that the evening brings. Leo never oversells the time slots as we all want to ensure a 1:1 girl to guy ratio, wherever possible.

Hopefully this little bit of insight takes you off the fence and brings you to one of our parties – you will be warmly welcomed, treated like royalty & have an experience you will never forget. If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to contact us; we are always happy to answer your queries!

"Remember: under our roof your fetish isn’t a fetish – it’s a normality. We all love feet; and most importantly, we all have fun. See you at our next party!"

Leo, FFP Founder

How do the private foot worship sessions work?

When you ask a girl for a private session, she will take you through to a private space in which you can worship her feet to your heart’s content! From the perspective of one of the girls, I can tell you this never gets old (and I have been assured by the guys that the feeling is mutual!)

Sessions can involve a whole range of foot worship fun, such as tickling, nylon worship, massaging, kissing, sucking, rubbing and smelling. The girls can also be dominant, (if you ask us nicely ;D) so if you’d like to try trampling, or perhaps a bit of shoe cleaning, we’ll be more than happy to accommodate! We also bring along a variety of shoes, socks and nylons (some well-worn & some clean) so we can cater to all tastes – please feel free to let us know about any preferences or specific interests you have prior to the party so we can make sure we bring what you want!

It is worth noting that the private sessions are not sexual acts; we do not advocate sexual gratification at our parties and our girls are not sex workers – they are foot models with beautiful feet who love to have them worshipped. We take the safety of our girls and the reputation of our parties very seriously; requests for sexual acts will not be tolerated and anyone who breaches this rule will be asked to leave the party and refused admission to future parties.

The private sessions cost £20 per 10 minutes – and you’d be surprised how long 10 minutes lasts in foot heaven! Sessions are not limited to 10 minutes; you can have 15 minutes for £30, 20 minutes for £40 and so on, indeed, you can choose to go on and on with the girls, and if you’re both having fun, why not??? The girls keep 100% of the money you tribute them, which is one reason we are all so laid back and approachable – we don’t push you for sessions because we don’t have to pay the hosts to attend. Our parties are based on a mutual respect for each other and mutual love for feet! We’re like a close-knit family – people who love feet running parties for people who love feet…it’s a match made in foot-heaven!

How do I book?

Tickets cost around £80 – usually half up front and half on the door. This cost covers venue hire, drinks, nibbles, website costs, girl transport costs, and everything else that goes into making these parties the success that they’ve become. If we don’t have a party planned in the next month or so, you can register your interest and get on the list for the next one. If we have a space at the next party you might be able to book right now! What are you waiting for?