Our Girls

Below you can see the current girls attending our parties - regulars will know that we've rotated a few girls around; those who come to our parties are featured on this page. These girls make up our current Foot Fetish Party family; they come along because they genuinely enjoy their time. Scroll down to meet our girls. TIP: You can hover over their pictures for foot closeups. 

The Core 4

These girls will almost certainly be part of the part of the party line-up. They're as loyal as they are lovely - and are the sole reason our parties feel like a welcoming family.


She always brings her A game - and she's been with us since the very start. Guests love her - and she loves being pampered. Your foot massages will be greatly received by Maggie, who is always on hand to make sure you feel very comfortable.


Tina is the loudest girl in the group - and she instantly puts people at ease with her 'blonde moments'. She came along with Amie to one party and really wanted to become part of the Foot Fetish Party family. Safe to say, she was well and truly accepted with open arms.

Get Closer

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She's one the funniest, most approcachable girls that I know - she's very pretty, but she doesn't have the attitude to match; unless you want her to. Luna is the kind of girl that can get along with anybody. She has lovely, soft and petite feet and she is not to be missed!


Tall and beautiful, Amie is also part of the original line up. Later in the year, she invited her best friend Tina to come join the team - so if you get a chance to have a double session with Amie and Tina then you'll definately enjoy the dynamic duo. That said, Amie holds her own and is especially popular with the submissive crowd - probably because she has big, beautiful feet and piercing blue eyes.

Changeable Girls

This isn't a definitive list, but once we have a girl we can trust and they're happy to be featured on the site, we'll put them here. These are some of the girls who are part of our changing line-up - and we mix them up so that each party offers a slightly different selection.


Elle was thrown in at the deep end at our August 2017 Summer Party and she did so well that she'll be making a return to future parties. The guests loved her soft soles, friendly attitude and willingness to listen. You're in safe hands with our cute little gamer girl.


Penny was one of our first models at the Foot Fetish Party. Penny has launched her own range of worn socks and nylons, which you can see by clicking the button below. Take it from somebody who knows, if you like that female foot smell you will not be disappointed with Penny's socks! Yum.