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“Low Key, 1-1 Ratio”

// Mr. N.B

As you enter the area, you can immediately sense the atmosphere throughout is very, very different to other foot parties.  There’s no pounding music so the girls are chatting to the guests and hellos are exchanged.  Leo and Wes are genuine foot lovers who you can have a bit of banter with and you’ll feel welcomed and under no pressure throughout.  You’ll get plenty of time to settle in and won’t feel railroaded into taking a session with any of the girls.

I’m sure some of you have been to foot parties where most of the girls have been bought in because they’re featured on an adult, free-to-air network.  The problem is that the vast majority of these girls are simply not into feet, don’t enjoy the fetish and in most cases, wouldn’t do anything foot-related on the babe channel they work for.  This results in a situation where the girl is clearly not into the session, will be inarticulate throughout said session and visibly can’t wait for the ten minutes to be up.

This is absolutely not the case at these foot parties. 

The girls are almost all ‘Girl Next Door’, without pretensions who are legitimately into having their feet played with and will enjoy the sessions as much as you do.  Because of this, they’re very willing to give feedback and will tell you what they like, but are always up for something new, such as one of Wes’ (in)famous games… See picture for an idea!

The low-key, 1-1 ratio and relaxed nature of the events clearly appeal to both guests and girls as these parties are quickly fully booked and almost all of the girls re-up and indeed, recommend the parties to their friends.

With regular guests coming in from places such as America, Egypt, Germany and Luxembourg as well as all over the UK, the parties’ reputation continues to grow.  Come join us and you’ll be onto a winner!

“Leo & Wes parties are exceptional! The girls are amazing the most beautiful down to earth, girl next door types. All are friendly, very accommodating, and make you feel at ease, and best of all have perfect feet! If you have Foot fetish this is the party to be at. Keep up the good work guys.”

// Vinnie

I’ve attended several FFP UK parties and I’m proud to say that it’s exactly what it says on the tin. The hosts are friendly and welcoming, the venue is great and the beautiful angelic ladies with beautiful feet are just out of this world.

If you’re a first timer to a party don’t worry because once you are there you won’t want to leave.

come and join the party

// The Sole Devil

“At first I was a bit apprehensive and kept putting off booking as wasn’t sure what to expect. Once I decided to take the plunge I was made to feel at home by everyone. The girls are friendly and welcoming. The hosts are brilliant and the event is well organised.”

// Mr. S


// Mr P

I’ve been attending the FFP UK parties in Leeds every year since December 2015 and can honestly say that from the moment I stepped through the doors of the venue that very first time, I immediately felt totally at ease, being in the company of like-minded guys and the most beautiful and approachable girls who all totally understood foot fetishism and genuinely enjoyed having their feet touched and worshipped.

There is always a lovely relaxed atmosphere at the parties.  You can enjoy chatting with the girls along with your excellent hosts and fellow foot-lovers, Leo and Wes, whilst enjoying a drink and some party nibbles.  There is absolutely no pressure whatsoever for you to have a foot worship session with the girls, but if and when you choose to, you certainly won’t be disappointed!  All the girls are adorable, friendly, down-to-earth-types who get as much pleasure from having their bare feet worshipped as you do worshipping them.

Every FFP UK girl I’ve had sessions with over the years has been nothing less than amazing with the most beautiful and well-cared for feet, but I would especially like to give special mention and praise to the lovely Shivon, Maggie, Gina (aka Luna), Chloe and Jess.  Can’t wait to see you girls all again soon for another journey into foot heaven!

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I’ve been coming to the partys for a couple of years now. My very first one, I have to admit I was a bit worried. When I got there, I realised there was no need to.

Everyone was so friendly! The GIRLS and the FEET are out of this world. You’ll have to come along and find out the rest for yourself! I’ll be at the next party and that’s for sure!

// Lou

Join our very happy guests and our very beautiful foot girls at our next party!

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