Be a Foot Fetish Model and work at the Foot Fetish Party!

Want to spend the afternoon having your feet pampered and worshipped? Become a Foot Fetish Model!

Who here pays for foot massages? Well – what if I told you that you’d be well compensated for receiving foot massages? That’s right – guys will pay you to touch your feet if you are a foot fetish model. You’ll have them worshipped, massaged and adored – and you’ll walk away with money in your back pocket. Now, I know you’re thinking if somethings sounds too good to be true then it’s probably a scam, right? Well, look around this website and you’ll soon see that it isn’t.

Our regular vetted guests will pay you £20 for 10 minutes of your time. Nothing sexual goes on at our parties. Our guests simply want to touch and kiss your well looked after cute feet. It’s a mutually beneficial transaction. Of course, it’s not just as easy as sitting there and ‘enduring it’ – you will have to have enjoy what’s happening and get involved in our party ethos. Keep reading to find out more about our parties and the prospect of becoming a foot fetish model.

This is their fetish – so you have to embrace it.

Our guests have a Foot Fetish. We don’t think that’s anything to be ashamed off – and on the list of fetishes, it’s down there with some of the more tamer ones. Most guys like the obvious features of women – but our guests just prefer feet. That’s the way it is. Fortunately for a lot of women, they don’t view their feet as sexual assets – so that’s why these parties were created. If you don’t feel seedy when taking off your socks, then you’re perfect for our parties.

Our guests will look, touch and often kiss your feet – and you’ll be compensated for your time. We only ask that you embrace their fetish, ask them about it, take an interest in our guests and don’t judge. A large number of our guests are successful men who can’t tell their wife about their fetish, because society has stigmatised feet (for whatever reason). Our parties are judgemental free spaces where guests are made to feel welcome – as a foot fetish model you will need to help them feel at ease.

We play party games – and you’re expected to join in the fun.

the foot fetish model plays a game

When foot sessions aren’t taking place, we encourage the girls to play foot-related games. These games are to help break the ice between the girls and the guests and are created for the SOLE PURPOSE of getting you into a session so you can make some money. Games include but aren’t limited to; playing our foot themed version of Twister, pulling christmas crackers with your feet (at our festive events), and other simple games that involve feet. Guys enjoy the view, you display your personality – and once the game is over, one of our guests will be dying to get to know you more in a private session.

Private Sessions – where your feet are worshipped.

As a foot fetish model, you will have plenty of opportunities to earn spending money from the guests. Our parties last around 5 hours – and for each 10 minutes you spend in a private session, our guests will pay you £20. Private sessions take place in private rooms.

The door is always open and these spaces are patrolled by our foot hosts to ensure your safety. Our guests are fully aware of this too. Sessions can be a variety of things – including receiving a foot massage with foot lotion, to having your feet kisses, licked and sucked. As one of our foot fetish models you will be expected to wash your feet thoroughly after each session. Some girls are mortified at the idea of having their feet touched; those girls need not apply! You have to have a free mind when it comes to being a foot fetish model at the Foot Fetish Party.

Nothing above the ankle.

Safety is our number one priority and we look after our foot fetish models as much as we take care of our guests. Our guests know that no touching above the ankle is permitted and the rules are always respected.

Interested? Then let’s have your application!

become a foot fetish model

If you think this might be for you, our parties take place twice a year in Leeds. We are incredibly loyal to our foot fetish models; once you have your feet under the table (!) and we know that the guests got on well with you, we will keep you on our rosta. You may be invited to regularly attend our foot fetish events. Our Foot Fetish Parties have grown to feel like a small respectable family – so please only apply if you are sociable, clean, likeable, open minded and punctual with excellent time keeping skills.


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